August 23rd, 2013


Mogens Norgaard



Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis is a well-known figure in the Oracle world with more than 24 years experience using the software. He has published three books about Oracle, the most recent of which was published in Nov 2011, and contributed to three others. He runs a couple of websites and contributes fairly regularly to newsgroups, forums, and User Group magazines and events around the world.           https://www.jonathanlewis.wordpress.com/all-postings/

Jonathan has been self-employed for most of his time in the IT industry. For the last eighteen years, he has specialized in short-term assignments, typically of a design, review, or trouble-shooting nature – often spending no more than two or three days on a client site to address problems. He runs seminars about using Oracle all over the world and has visited 50 different countries (and a dozen states in the USA) to talk about, or trouble-shoot, Oracle systems.


Tanel Poder

Tanel Poder is an experienced consultant with deep expertise in Oracle database internals, advanced performance tuning and end-to-end troubleshooting. He specializes in solving complex problems spanning multiple infrastructure layers such as UNIX, Oracle, networks, storage and recently the whole Exadata hardware/software stack.

Tanel is one of the first Oracle Certified Masters in the world, passing the OCM DBA exam in 2002. He is also an Oracle ACE Director and a proud member of the OakTable Network. In addition to consulting and delivering seminars worldwide, Tanel also publishes troubleshooting tools and technical articles at his website https://www.tech.e2sn.com  and blog https://www.blog.tanelpoder.com


Kyle Hailey

Kyle HaileyCurrently working with industry leading software, kernel and filesystem designers at Delphix to take corporate data management to a new level of agility. Kyle is a principal designer for the Oracle Enterprise Manager performance pages. He is a member of Oracle Oak Table, the co-author of Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table, and was a technical editor of Oracle Wait Interface. He holds a patent in the area of database performance diagnosis, and has been a speaker at Hotsos, NOCOUG, RMOUG, NYCOUG, Oracle World and DB Forum. Kyle also teaches classes around the world on Oracle performance tuning. https://www.kylehailey.com  Oracle ACE


Cary Millsap

Cary Millsap


Cary Millsap is an entrepreneur, software technology advisor, software developer, and Oracle software performance specialist. His technical papers are quoted in many Oracle books, in Wikipedia, in blogs all over the world, and in dozens of conference presentations each month. His blog is read by thousands of people each month. He has presented at hundreds of public and private events around the world. He wrote the book “Optimizing Oracle Performance” (O’Reilly 2003), for which he and co-author Jeff Holt were named Oracle Magazine’s 2004 Authors of the Year. He is the founder and president of Method R Corporation (https://www.method-r.com), a company that creates frustration-free software that shows performance the way you’ve always wanted to see it.

Cary is an Oracle Ace Director.


Tim Gorman

tim@evdbt.com's pictureTim Gorman has worked in IT with relational databases since 1984, as an Oracle PRO*C and PL/SQL application developer since 1990, as an Oracle DBA since 1993, and managing/designing very large data warehouses on Oracle since 1994.  He is an independent consultant (www.EvDBT.com) specializing in data warehousing and database administration (particularly performance and availability).  Mr Gorman is currently president of the Rocky Mtn Oracle Users Group (www.RMOUG.org) where he has been a member since 1993 and a board member since 1995, has co-authored five books (three with the Oak Table Press), performed technical review on eight more books, has been an Oracle ACE since 2007 and an Oracle ACE Director since 2012, a member of the Oak Table Network since 2002, and has presented at Oracle Open World, Collaborate, Kaleidoscope, Hotsos, and local Oracle users groups in lots of wonderful places around the world. https://www.EvDBT.com


Greg Rahn

Greg Rahn is a Solutions Architect in the Partner Engineering group at Cloudera. He focuses on helping Cloudera’s hardware partners optimize their platforms for Hadoop. In addition, he works on performance engineering and benchmarking for the Impala project. Before joining Cloudera, Greg worked for eight years as a database performance engineer at Oracle in the esteemed Real-World Performance Group in the Server Technologies organization.

Twitter: @GregRahn



Alex Gorbachev

Alex Gorbachev

Few DBAs are as well equipped as Alex to handle any kind of database scenario. Alex has architected and designed numerous successful database solutions addressing challenging business requirements. Alex is a respected figure in the Oracle world and a sought-after leader and speaker at Oracle conferences around the globe. He regularly publishes articles on the Pythian blog and runs online webinars. Alex is a member of OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE Director.

Today, Alex is working at The Pythian Group. He started at Pythian in Ottawa, leading a team of database experts before moving to Australia to embrace the challenges of setting up company business in the East Asia/Pacific region. Now he’s back in Ottawa as Pythian’s Chief Technology Officer, continuing to bridge the gap between business and technology. The search for the perfect fit between technology, engineering talents and business processes is what keeps him up at night.

Before joining Pythian, Alex developed and administered Oracle databases and applications for Lukoil, the Russian petrochemicals giant. Later, he led design and implementation of high-availability mission-critical databases for Amadeus in Germany, the leading Global Distribution System and biggest processor of travel bookings in the world.

Alex is an Oracle Ace Director.


Gwen  Shapira

Gwen Shapira


Gwen Shapira is a Senior Oracle DBA at Pythian, and the company’s newest Oracle ACE. Gwen Shapira studied computer science, statistics, and operations research at the University of Tel Aviv, and then went on to spend the next ten years in different technical positions in the IT industry.

Gwen is an OakTable member, Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Professional. She specializes in scalability and high-availability solutions such as RAC and Streams, and has presented at various conferences including Hotsos Symposium 2009 and RMOUG 2010. Gwen Shapira also maintains a popular Oracle related blog: https://www.prodlife.wordpress.com.


Christian Antognini

Christian Antognini

Since 1995, Christian Antognini has focused on understanding how the Oracle database engine works. His main interests include logical and physical database design, the integration of databases with Java applications, the query optimizer and basically everything else related to application performance management and optimization. He is currently working as a senior principal consultant and trainer at Trivadis in Zürich, Switzerland.

If Christian is not helping one of his customers get the most out of Oracle, he is somewhere lecturing on application performance management or new Oracle Database features for developers. In addition to classes and seminars organized by Trivadis, he regularly presents at conferences and user-group meetings. He is a proud member of the OakTable Network.

Christian is the author of the book Troubleshooting Oracle Performance (Apress, 2008).



Karl Arao

Karl Arao

Kristofferson “Karl” Arao is a Senior Technical Consultant at Enkitec.

Some of his experiences as a DBA include Proactive database maintenance, Database Installation and Configuration for High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Migration and Upgrades, Backup and Recovery, Database Hardening, Capacity Planning, and Performance Tuning. He shares his experiences, adventures, and discoveries in his Blog (karlarao.wordpress.com) and owns a Wiki site (karlarao.tiddlyspot.com) where he shares his quick guides and documentations on technologies.

Karl Arao is an Oracle Ace (bit.ly/karlarao), OCP-DBA, and RHCE. He presents at local Oracle Events and DBA round tables, and has also presented at the recent Oracle Open World Unconference and Oracle Closed World. He is also a proud member of the Philippine Software Industry Association Technology Council.



Kent Graziano

Kent OOW2011
Kent Graziano is an Oracle ACE Director, independent consultant, blogger (https://www.kentgraziano.com), and the owner of Data Warrior LLC in The Woodlands, Texas. He is a lifetime member of both RMOUG and ODTUG, and now a member of the Austin Oracle User Group.  He is a certified Data Vault Master (DVDM), Data Vault 2.0 Architect (CDV2),  and expert data modeler and architect with 30 years of experience, including over 20 years using Oracle, Oracle tools, and doing data warehousing. Kent has written numerous articles and done over 50 presentations (both nationally and internationally). He was the recipient of the 1999 Chris Wooldridge Award (from IOUG) for outstanding contributions to the Oracle user community. In 2003 he was presented with The Doug Faughnan Award for his dedicated service and outstanding contributions to RMOUG. In 2007, he was the recipient of the ODTUG Volunteer Award. He is a co-author of four books including Oracle Designer: A Template for Developing an Enterprise Standards Document, and Supercharge Your Data Warehouse.  His most recent publication is A Check List for Doing a Data Model Design Reviews available in Kindle on Amazon. Kent can be contacted at [email protected] or followed on twitter @KentGraziano. Oracle Ace Director.

Other speakers

  • Eric Grancher (CERN)
  • Mark Farnham
  • John Beresniewicz (Oracle)
  • Kellyn Pot’vin (Enkitec)
  • Doug Burns(Bayvale Consulting Services)
  • Marco Gralike (AMIS)
  • Frits Hoogland (Enkitec)
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