June 30th, 2014

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Delphix is the most powerful product to improve development output and quality in the 20+ years I’ve been working with databases. It improves development by eliminating the enormous infrastructure, bureaucracy and time drag that it takes to provision databases for development environments. Development environments depend on having a copies of production databases and Delphix allows provisioning in a few minutes with almost no storage overhead by sharing duplicate blocks among all the copies.


Delphix is used by the  #1 companies in their industries such as Walmart, Cisco, Facebook, Ebay, Pfizer, New York Life. The median gain we have seen on app dev teams from eliminating the process barriers of provisioning is a 2x application output increase not to mention storage savings and IT personnel improved efficiencies.


I’m not sure if you can imagine the ease and savings of virtualizing databases. Database Virtualization gives:
  1. Project acceleration  as developers and QA can get copies in minutes
  2. Project parallelization as each developer can have their own copy and QA can run tests in parallel
  3. Project stability as errors can be caught using full copies instead of subsets
  4. Production protection with recovery from logical corruptions in minutes
  5. Storage savings
Delphix is software. Delphix installs on any x86 box, supports any Oracle OS (as well as SQL Server) and uses any storage.  The source database is copied onto the Delphix machine with RMAN APIs, the data is compressed and Delphix handles capturing new changes on the source database and provisioning of virtual databases. Virtual database can be provisioned from the original source  at any second  or any SCN  during the source retention window which is typically 2 weeks. Then you can make as many copies as you want  for almost free.

Delphix is used by

  • Fortune #1 Walmart
  • #1 pharmaceutical Pfizer
  • #1 social Facebook
  • #1 US bank  Wells Fargo
  • #1 networking  Cisco
  • #1 cable provider Comcast
  • #1 auction site Ebay
  • #1 insurance New York Life
  • #1 chip manufacture Intel

The list goes on.

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